About us

"Dynamic mother and daughter teamed up and created the wonderful product that is Regina’s Organic Ginger Drinks."


The Owners

Regina’s Organic Ginger Drinks is owned by a Regina and FaithJoy. This dynamic mother and daughter teamed up together and created the wonderful product that is Regina’s Organic Ginger Drinks. Both ladies are hard working, caring, and dedicated. Their hope is that you will enjoy their wonderful juices and that it will be a great addition to your health.

Our Product - The Organic Juice

Drinks were created by Regina as a way to combat cold symptoms and assist the immune system with various illnesses such as; nausea, flu, cough, and bowel movement (benefits) etc. Ms. Regina would make the ginger juice whenever a family member was ill. She then taught her daughter Faith-Joy how to make the juice with organic ingredients. Faith-Joy began to make and share with friends her friends and colleagues.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, both women had the idea to create and sell their juices in other to help people combat with other flu-like symptoms and other respiratory symptoms. Since then, Regina and Faith-Joy have helped friends, family and customers throughout the United States. Their goal is to continue helping others all over the world with their organic juices.

Regina's Organics

Our organic juices naturally support your body throughout the day. When real, honest ingredients, and taste matter, choose Regina's Organics. The natural properties of our ingredients help assist you in your journey to maintain your health goals and a healthy lifestyle.

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